This is the second day of a course I am taking through the University of Rochester on the history of rock music. It is taught by John Covach, the bearded guitarist in the attached video. The lecturer really knows his stuff, and moves through history quickly, interestingly and with the same precision he uses to play his instrument. I have learned more in the last two days than I’ve learned in entire courses taught by other people. Am really enjoying this one! He goes through his video lectures at a pretty swift clip, packing each one with interesting facts and tidbits that a lot of folks probably aren’t familiar with. For instance, he talks about the invention of recording tape….how the Germans developed it so they could record Hitler’s voice and play it on remote radio stations to protect him from being assassinated. Then, he goes into how Les Paul got together with Bing Crosby when they recognized that recording tape was going to be the next big thing in music…and the rest is…well….history!

This is a course that I highly recommend, folks.            *****