Guitars on the Brain – Mosaic Guitar Tutorial – Part 1

I have just finished sanding a guitar for an exhibit using an electric sander, and my fingers are still vibrating.  It is no secret that I love guitars.  I started doing mosaics on guitars about 5 years ago and today, I officially started preparing for an entire exhibit of them.

This is a picture of one that I did for Amy Corriea, the singer, and is shown before I grouted it.


Here is the front of it pre-grout.  I couldn’t seem to locate a photo of it after I had grouted it.


In order to share the process of how I make these mosaics, I have decided to document my progress on these future ones that I plan to make, and post it here as I go along….so this post is part one of many.

Today’s guitar is a small one, child-size, but still a real guitar.  I started by removing its strings.   As you can see by my dusty fingers, I jumped the gun a little bit and actually started sanding BEFORE I had removed the strings….but really.  They should be removed first.


The objective of the sanding is not to necessarily remove the glossy surface, but to roughen it up so that it will accept the sealer better.


There is no rhyme nor reason to the sanding….just a gentle circular motion over the entire surface so that in the end, it should look like the following picture.


Some of it will need to be hand-sanded, as opposed to using the electric sander.  I will finish that up and slap a sealer on it and make another entry about it at a later date.

Ciao, for now!

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