Photo a Day – JULY


© Stacy Alexander – 2013

I struggled with using this photo today.  Apart from the fact that it is a good food photo and that the food itself was outstanding, the staff at the restaurant where we ate this delightful vegan cuisine was so rude that I really don’t feel like promoting their fare.  I really don’t like to say negative things about restaurants unless they REALLY deserve it.  I was in the restaurant business for many years, however, and know that a rude staff can ruin a dining experience.   Leaving a negative review is an ethical  dilemma,  for sure.  Harlow, located at 3632 SE Hawthorne Boulevard here in Portland, is a lovely venue with old Vs. new decor, comfortable seating….a light, airy space.  Their food is absolutely heavenly…hands down, some of the best food we’ve ever eaten.  However, their staff was so incompetent and downright rude that the 5 of us who ate there yesterday will probably never go back.  Pity, that, because we spend a good deal of money eating out, and once we love a restaurant, we return time and again.  I guess the people who run this place have not yet learned that good manners and good business go hand-in-hand….and that snobbery has NO place in the restaurant business.  C’est la vie….