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7 thoughts on “Trayvon

      1. But, Stacy, I do believe that this is another orchestrated attempt to keep us at each other throats, and away from the common fundamental issues we have (United, you see, we may stand a chance!) And there there are s few other “blinding” issues…and that’s how things don’t get to change! 🙂 Imagine…the possibilities!

        So I think!

      2. Oh, I agree that there are many, many diversions! If you have not yet seen Ralph Nader’s documentary on the news industry called, “Manufacturing Consent,” I highly recommend it. It is about who chooses the news that we hear and watch on TV…..and why specific stories are chosen over others.

      3. I will search for it I do respect Ralph Nader, and….Nigel Farage!
        I’m glad you agree with the theory (put in practice by politicians for many, many centuries) “Divide and conquer” I think they called it in middle ages 🙂

        Problem: You’re not getting any wiser! Au contraire, may be?

        Have a wonderful evening, I really like your photos, and art Stacy!


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