Baby, You Can Drive MY Car!


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2 thoughts on “Baby, You Can Drive MY Car!

    1. Ok. I get it. I had a Beatle for each major part of my growing up. For example, Paul was my first “fantasy” man where I had “those feelings” that I couldn’t yet identify, because I was but a child of 9. Then, I grew to love Ringo in my early teens, both because I really liked his unusual drumming style, and also because he was goofy and funny….sort of like I was at that age. Then, during my most important time of spiritual growth, I fell in love with George….because, well….You know….”Give me love, give me love, give me peace on earth….” and finally, the one man after my own heart, John….who remains a crush to this day, because our politics were so similar. sigh…. Yeah…Yeah….Yeah….

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