The Perfect Beach Day


Today was one of those perfect days….sunny, breezy….gently warm, but not hot.  The sky was a brilliant blue and perfectly lovely.

We decided to take a little day trip down to the coast, first to Cannon Beach and then to Manzanita.  Traffic was sparse and the entire trip was stunning.     The gently rolling hills and curvy roads formed a picturesque backdrop for our conversation as we made our way from Portland to the coast.



We stopped in Cannon Beach and walked through a few galleries.  I fell in love with this little bird piece and others by this husband and wife team of artists. I will publish their names here as soon as I find where I put their card…Loved their work!  Loved it!


I also enjoyed padding about on the cheetah carpeting at a little boutique where I tried on clothes for my husband who was kind enough to treat me to a pretty new dress.


There were beautiful flowers all over the place in Cannon Beach! We took a nice walk to the vista that overlooked the beach, then finally dropped back around to the Volvo and drove to Manzanita.

As we approached the village, just about 15 miles down the road from Canon Beach, we pulled over and stood at the ledge of the cliff for a long time, overlooking the beach.  The water was the most gorgeous color.  We talked about how peaceful we both felt…how happy we were.  It was a nice moment for us both.


When we pulled into Manzanita, John wanted to go immediately to El Mariachi Loco, a little greasy spoon Mexican place that reminded us both of a little place in Reno that a friend recommended we go to when we were there in March.  This place isn’t as good as the one in Reno, though, but we still enjoy it when we visit Manzanita.


The food was ok.  I think I was just anxious to get outside and walk on the beach.  In fact, I only ate about half of what was on my plate and split, leaving John to stop by his favorite Manzanita ice cream shop for a strawberry sorbet.  I always have been a little hyper….)


The walk on the beach was perfect, albeit a little windy.  I practically had the whole beach to myself!


There were some windsurfers and a few people on horseback, but for the most part, the beach was isolated.


The small dunes were particularly nice.


After I walked about a mile, I turned around and headed back to where I entered the beach.  John met me at the gate, and we walked for another couple of miles.  Then the wind REALLY picked up!  I was wearing a wrap-around dress and hat.  First, my hat blew off my head and went tumbling down the beach.  Next, my dress began to flip and flap and I had a major wardrobe malfunction.  I was so glad that my husband was the only person that saw it….and he claimed to have rather liked it, actually, so all’s well that ends well, I suppose.  😉

He looked at me right after that and pointed to the little metal sculptures below and said, “Wanna duck?”    (He’s pretty corny sometimes…)


And well….the rest is history….


Click here to listen to Janis Joplin sing, “Summertime” the perfect song for today…

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7 thoughts on “The Perfect Beach Day

  1. I think that I would have to say, these are the things I miss the most about my marriage.the long drives and exploration,food and sun,beaches and photography.Enjoyable trips to local breweries and wineries.tasting things and coming home to experiment with reproducing them.i love to see your entries and photos.i lost all that, but I get a vicarious thrill from your enjoyment.

  2. Since you said it’s ok! Hi Ms. Alexander. I enjoyed your post and the lovely images of the coast. Your post popped up for me when searching the internet for mentions of people who’ve lost their hat in the wind. My husband and I decided, after enduring that same problem for too long, to invent a solution. Our patented Made in USA hat retainer does the trick for wind-challenged hat wearers be they motorcyclists or walkers. Thought you might like to prevent your hat from tumbling down the beach in the future…plus your encouraging “Go on!” above… Kind regards, Mari

    1. Hi Mari,

      Your product sounds interesting, but I find that a hat pin works very well. (I actually collect hat pins and have many lovely examples from the Victorian era.) I simply forgot to insert one that day. A hat retainer sounds like a good idea though. I wish you will with your invention. You may post a link to it, if you’d care to.

      Best wishes,

  3. I’ll have to come up before my daughter goes back to school maybe.give me some dates and I’ll fly up.haven’t been to the ocean in Portland.Our daughter got married up there three years ago.,back when times were good.Need another Portland trip..


  4. Gosh, we are going to be leaving in a couple of weeks. Will be in Cali for 3 weeks…same house as last year, and I hope you will join us there again….and then we’re taking a road trip down South for about a month, so we won’t be back in Portland until late November.

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