To Die or to Dye?

There is no reason why environmental scientists and nature conservationists should not  dye elephant tusks pink. Let’s not wait for one more killing. Pink tusks say, “NO!” to poachers, “There is no value.” To tourists pink says, “Support wildlife. We are heading for extinction.” Please share and re-blog so that this practical and inexpensive ideaContinue reading “To Die or to Dye?”

La Vecchia – Reno, Nevada

René Best guitarist La Vecchia is a lovely Italian restaurant in Reno, Nevada that is owned by chef Alberto Gazzola.  Let me tell you.  This guy knows what he is doing!    The restaurant is  nestled into the hills above Reno where the view enables one to see the lights twinkling down below during dinner.Continue reading “La Vecchia – Reno, Nevada”