First, a warm welcome to “press inside”, my 200th follower on this blog.  I really apprecaite all of my readers and hope that I am keeping you entertained.  Thank you for stopping by.

We spent the night at the NorthStar Resort last night.  After I get back to Portland, I will post pictures.  Came back to Truckee this morning, where I made homemade cinnamon rolls, eggs and coffee.  I have some work to do.  Then, we will be headed into Reno for one last visit before we head back to Portland tomorrow.

I have enjoyed the sunshine and the snow and the stunning scenery that we have encountered on this trip, but at the end of the day, I am always excited to get back to my beloved Portland.  I miss my family there, and I love the city.  We will be headed home tomorrow.

Yesterday, we spent the entire day at Lake Tahoe and at the resort, skiing, taking photos, hiking and just enjoying ourselves.  It’s been a great trip!  Now…off to Reno we go!                 –         –