johnny cash

Best thought for the day?    There are times when attempts to  control others simply backfire….and the controlling person gets the exact opposite of what he or she tries to control…..whether he or she is aware of   it or not. _

You know, I cannot look at Mr. Cash here, especially when he’s smiling, and not think of my maternal grandmother.   I always thought they looked a lot alike.   She was a fan of Tommy Cash and the Tomcats.  Makes me smile to think about it.     Not much slipped by Addie….or so she thought.  A lot went on behind her back that she didn’t know about…and that is exactly how it is with controlling people.  They do not allow others to be their authentic selves.

I loved Johnny Cash.  Still love him, actually.  Not only was he the original punk rocker, he could say anything with just a look.   Love his music.  Love who he was.   I heard him interviewed once, years and years ago, when he made a comment about how controlling people are usually out of control themselves….and it’s true.  He talked about how, in his youth, someone tried to control him, and on the surface, that person thought she was successful, not  knowing  that  Johnny was  going  behind  her  back  and  doing  exactly  what  she  didn’t  want  him  to  do.

Funny how that works.