We have moved from Reno, and are now staying on the edge of  Tahoe  in a beautiful little ski-lodgy-type house among the pinion pines, coyotes, owls and leftover snow.  It is peaceful and serene here and a nice contrast to the faster pace of Reno.   At night, we have been building a fire in the wood burning stove, putting on some jazz, pouring ourselves a little wine, cooking  a good meal and having relaxing evenings, taking best advantage of this time off from our high-pressure jobs.  Both of us are winding down and feeling rested and good, in general.  I, for one, feel a lot better,  like I’m finally recovering from that horrible illness that I had for 14 weeks.

Today, we decided  to go into the historic district of the  nearby town, so off we went.  We had a delightful time poking around in shops and chatting it up.  We ate at Moody’s where in 2004,  Paul MacCartney did an impromptu little concert.

You can read about the Sir Paul gig  here:


We had a couple of cocktails and a delightful lunch.  Then we strolled down the street and looked in a few shops.  We were in one, a handmade jewelry shop that both of us loved.  Fun shop with a lot of cool art and hand made jewelry.  We left, and then John ran back in “to get his wallet” and came back out with a surprise early anniversary gift!

It is a blue tourmaline (one of my favorite stones) set in yellow gold.  The white gold band is both smooth and textured.  These pictures do not do it justice.  Suffice it to say, I love it…but I love him more.  What a sweet thing to do!  I need to think of something good to give to him.  I have a few ideas…..