Everyone Matters

One of my favorite websites is everyone matters.com.  This is a site that is dedicated to making the world a better place.   This week, they have posted a challenge:

Can you go for 24 hours without judging or calling anybody names? 

Even while driving?

angry driver attribute to Brooks was here1 Take the 24 Hr Challenge

We all stand outside others’ lives – making judgments – about what they eat, how they dress, how they drive, where they shop, how they talk, what kind of car or phone they have.

We still stereotype by groups – gay, black, Muslim, Mormon, Asian, the rich, the poor (fill in the blank).

We throw around hurtful, judgmental words –  calling someone fat, old, ugly, stupid, gay.

Well, Try Stopping for ONE DAY!

Can you do it?

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Stacy Alexander - Visual Artist/Writer/Professional Fact Checker

10 thoughts on “Everyone Matters

  1. I do it everyday…Actually, I have went a whole entire of last year without judging anyone or stereotyping anyone of that matter surprisingly. 🙂

    It’s very hard and I won’t lie…but I manage to do it for the sake of a good karma cause. 🙂

    I have returned, and I will be posting my new blog today stay tune. 🙂

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