Heading for the Biggest Little City in the World….

I don’t know why I always manage to go to Reno when the weather is so crappy, but soon  I will be Reno-bound in the dead of winter again.  Actually, the weather  there  isn’t that different from here in Portland, minus a certain degree of precipitation.   Last winter when I was there, I facedContinue reading “Heading for the Biggest Little City in the World….”

Pancakes – The Cure-all for What Ails Ya!

Yesterday was not a good day.  After a harrowing and stressful night before,  I had a call from the friend around whom the unfortunate debacle had (indirectly) centered.  We were both exhausted, sad and remorseful, and we told one another that each loved the other.  Afterward, he said he was going to bed.  I saidContinue reading “Pancakes – The Cure-all for What Ails Ya!”

How to Be a Happier Person

  Yoko Ono once said (and I’m paraphrasing here), “The quest for happiness is the chief source of unhappiness…” (or words to that effect.) Perhaps Yoko was right….because people do struggle to be happy. …or they think they are struggling toward happiness. Much of the time, they are actually just making themselves miserable.   BeingContinue reading “How to Be a Happier Person”

3-Doodler – WOW! I Want One!

3-D Printing Pen – AMAZING!!  <—click here to see the amazing video! My friend, Genie, sells and introduced me to the concept of,  3-D printing….but it seemed out of personal reach until now. She sells 3D printing implements to commercial enterprises…but hey!  I wanna play! Now, artists such as myself can make 3-D printing anContinue reading “3-Doodler – WOW! I Want One!”