A shout out to my friend, Kev, who sent me this question.    If you are a writer,  or thinking about becoming one,  I think it is a good question to ask when you are doing character sketches.  Here is the question and my own answers:

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“If I were to depict you in my novel, what 20 characteristics would you have?”


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  • I must have fresh flowers in my house at all times.
  • Lemon water is my drink of choice….preferably with Meyer lemons.
  • However, I also drink a lot of coffee and exotic teas.
  •  I do not speak in ambiguous terms.
  • I generally speak softly and am quiet and introspective.
  • I listen more than I speak.
  • I am a Scorpio and the majority of my friends are Scorpio.
  • I’ve seen fire and I’ve seen rain.
  • I attract loud, rambunctious, intelligent and funny people.
  • I have a titillating and delicious secret….and speaking of that…                          René Best guitarist
  • I laugh a lot.
  • The number of beautiful shoes that I own is probably illegal in some states.
  • I meditate….every day…several times a day.
  • I have a penchant for the Japanese aesthetic (wabi-sabi).
  • I am a devout vegetarian and (am told)  a great cook.
  • I rarely go anywhere without my camera.
  • I am a grad student at Southern New Hampshire University
  • Guitarist Guitar Guitarist Guitar Guitarist
  • I work many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many hours a week. MANY of them.  Many.      
  • I tend to arrive late and leave early.
  • I am also attracted to the midcentury modern aesthetic and my living room reflects this.
  • I am an intelligence junkie.
  • I am an enthusiast of the excellent book and/or film.
  • I do yoga. …not well, but I do it.
  • Dislike speaking on the phone….except …well….never mind.
  • Seldom sleep.  It’s a curse.
  • Am politically active.
  • Have a documentary project, a novel, a cookbook and a book of poetry in the works.

Ok, Kev….write your story! 😉