Daily Archives: November 20, 2012

Happy Holidays



Sometimes, I think the political Right will use any excuse they can find to undermine the President.  The latest is the term, “Happy holidays” as it refers to the new holiday tree that just went up in the White House.  They claim that President Obama is undermining Christianity by using the word, “holiday” rather than “Christmas”.  That claim is just dumb.  The man, himself, is a Christian.  Not only that, when the tree was rolled in on a horse drawn wagon, it had the words, “CHRISTMAS TREE” posted broadly on the side.

 The term, “Happy holidays” is used because this country consists of a lot of different religions AND the non-religious….and a ton of people celebrate in December….not just the Christians.   This is not exclusively a Christian country.  Remember?  The term, “Happy holidays” is inclusive of everyone.  It is not, at all, disrespectful toward Christians, because it literally means, “Holy days” AND it includes Christmas as well.

Please give this Presiden bashing a break, will ya?  It’s almost…dare I say it….CHRISTMAS!  HE says ,”Merry Christmas!”  Stop making crap up!