Oh, How I Love my Tea


“Oh How I love my tea,
Tea in the afternoon
I can’t do without it
And I think I’ll have another cup
Very, very soon!”

I always think of my best woman friend, Katy, when I hear this song. She is a Brit, and we have shared many cups of tea together in the afternoon. Tea, in fact, has always been a big part of my life.  I collect teapots.  I have dozens of different varieties of exotic teas.  When I am in San Francisco, in particular, or anywhere in the world,  I go to tasting-after-tasting to try all of the rare tea blends….and I usually end up spending WAY too much money on tea, but it does bring me a great deal of pleasure, so I allow myself this indulgence once or twice a year.

When I lived in Houston, a few of my women friends and I used to meet for high tea at the Four Season’s Hotel once a month. I have heard rumors that the hotel no longer offers this service, but back in the day, it was great. We would wear our best hats and lace gloves and enjoy our poached quail egg with truffle aioli on toast, or chevré and Portobello mushroom profiterole, or whatever they were serving on the particular day.    The lovely tiered silver tray would have alternate layers of sweet and savory offerings…tiny cucumber toast points with cream cheese and fresh dill…petite fours filled with chocolate mousse…or vanilla bean créme. Divine!

The dining room was grand, and the wait staff was formal and attentive. Having tea in Houston was not like having high tea in London, but like most things Texas, it did have a charm of its own. I drew the line, of course, if anything was served on that horrible Texas toast. 🙂

There would be live classical music played in one corner of the room, and the waiters all wore formal suits. People spoke in low, but friendly, voices. It was a lovely way to spend the afternoon. Of course, we would all have glasses of champagne at the end as well, and would give these nice toasts to one another and our lives and families. I enjoyed these afternoons, very much.

So I raise my glass…or my tea cup, as it were, and toast the days gone by….to Peggy and Tamara….to Katy….to live and love and happiness.
And now, I shall prepare myself a cup of pear ginger white tea and get back to work! I talked to a friend on the phone until the wee hours of the morning today, so I need a pick-me-up to get me going. It’s almost noon already! yikes!

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