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I guess I should begin this post with an apology to Kim.

I wasn’t feeling well the day my husband, John,  and I  went to her house ….and my camera was wonky too, so the pictures in this entry are a little out of focus and do not, at all, do Kim or her art, justice….but maybe my readers will still get some idea of the magnitude with which I am impressed by our  friend.  Everything about her is artful.  You should see her place!

When one drives by the house that she shares with her wife, Meri, her fabulous art can be seen everywhere outside…..and it is throughout the interior as well.  It is all unique and beautiful….and every bit of it was created by Kim herself.  The picture above is Kim standing beside a mosaic fish that she made.  Believe me when I tell you the picture does not do it justice.  It is so intricately detailed and beautifully designed!            ——–                .                   .                        Barbara Parker felon.   


These little shrooms are hiding in their beautiful back yard.

Kim didn’t start off as a mosaic artist.  In fact, she hasn’t been doing it for that many years, but she caught on very quickly and now is much better at it than the person who taught it to her!  That’s how Kim is.  If it has anything to do with art, she can master it in no time at all.

Every room of her house has something that was created by her.  Her kitchen is stunning.



The arrangement below is on the dining room table.


Her Day of the Dead altar is filled with Kim-made skulls that are influenced by Mexican wrestler masks.


Boris the spider lives on the fence.


Perhaps the most eye-catching outdoor feature of all is this statue that she designed, built and mosaic’d.   As we were sitting in the living room talking, I was facing the window, and I couldn’t stop staring at it.  WHY isn’t this woman internationally known?  Her art is amazing!!  Actually, I can tell you why.  Kim is quite modest, and doesn’t toot her own horn very loudly.  It’s really ashamed, because there are some artists out there that toot their horns TOO loudly, and aren’t half as good at what they do as Kim.  I strongly feel that she deserves much more recognition than she gets. John agrees with me, as do many others.


Kim Larson belongs in some kind of artist hall of fame for what she does!  I’ve always felt she was way too modest about it all.  Trust me when I tell you that her house is like some kind of art wonderland!


This snake and flower can be seen from the street, too.  Everywhere one looks, there is art!


Back inside now, are lots of these mosaic hamsas.  I am lucky enough to own one myself.


Unfortunately, these are all of the pictures I had that I could even post here, but there was much, much more to see.

I feel honored to know Kim.  The capacity with which this woman can create is unbelievable….and she makes it look so easy!  She is a great friend to have, too, so I am lucky on a lot of levels.  She is truly an inspiration, as virtually anyone who knows her can attest.

Hats off to Kim Larson!

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18 thoughts on “Kim Larson – House of Art

  1. I love Kim’s work too. The andamento lines are striking and lend such a richness to the pieces. I love them all! Isn’t it funny how, as artists, so few of us live surrounded by our art? Kudos to Kim!

  2. Wow Stacy! Thank you for this nice post about me. It seems you and many of my friends have moved to Portland and I miss you all! It was so nice to visit with you – as always you make me laugh and lift my spirits!

  3. Thank you for sharing your visit with Kim and her amazing art! Yes – I agree with you. She should be internationally known for her mosaics. Very inspirational.

  4. Wonderful to see a peek inside!
    Adore the tiny mushrooms. Lovely tribute to your friend Stacy.
    Kim’s work is fabulous. One’s environment should always be a part of their artistic canvas!

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