Day # 19 – LETTERS

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Day #19 – LETTERS

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5 thoughts on “Day # 19 – LETTERS

    1. Oh, yes! I do! I love hand written letters, especially in this age of computers and text messaging, et al. I adore it when someone takes the time to sit down and write and express their feelings or tell me what they’re up to that day. I keep them for years. I collect them in my desk drawer until it gets too full. Then, I put rubber bands around them and file them away. I have them dating all the way back to high school! It is so much fun to go back and revisit them periodically. I am always touched when someone takes the time out to sit down and put pen to paper and send it to me. I always feel that receiving a letter is a real blessing.

      1. Isn’t that the truth. Over this past year, especially, I have received some absolutely lovely letters, ones that I will cherish always. I also received a bundle of letters in the mail from my Mom, who sent me the correspondence I had with a Vietnam War soldier back when I was a young teen. After I read them, I managed to track him down via the internet. He sent me his address, so I shared the letters with him. Now, we are friends. He happens to work only a few blocks from my husband in Cali. We plan to get together again one of these days. Really looking forward to that.

        Thanks for stopping by and thanks for your comment. Will check out your blog more thoroughly when I can.

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