With Gratitude…..LOVE by Kim Larson


I have a great number of  friends living across the world, and I just want to say how grateful I am to have each of them in my life.  I have received some fabulous gifts from them over the years, and I hope they all know how thankful I am .  This post is about saying, ‘Thank you!’ in a public way.

This morning, the doorbell rang.  When I opened the door, there stood a delivery man with a long, tall package.  When I opened it, I could not believe my eyes!    I a big fan of Kim Larson’s art.  Kim and I  both worked together  at one time, and have remained friends through the years.

I brought the package in and opened it.  It contained a replica of one of Kim’s pieces that she sold a long time ago, but that I have always loved.  It is called, “Love” and portrays two lovers embracing.  Since my home is already filled with Kim’s art, I know already that this piece will fit in beautifully:


Isn’t it divine?!  The thought that she made this piece especially because she knew that I loved it, really touched my heart.  I am just flabbergasted by Kim’s generosity!

Thank you, Kim…..and thanks to all of my friends, for your kindness and generosity.  You are loved and appreciated!

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14 thoughts on “With Gratitude…..LOVE by Kim Larson

  1. Glad to do it Stacy. I give a lot of my art away – a friend calls it an “art distribution program”! You REALLY appreciate art so I am glad to have you own this design. Although, to be clear, this is a picture of an older piece, not a photo of the one I sent you.

    1. I thought i clarified that, but maybe I didn’t, so thanks. The piece is such an identical replica to the original, though, this picture could have passed! lol! Thank you again for your generosity, Kim. You’re the best!

  2. “Friends are God’s way of apologizing for your family” – Dr. Wayne Dyer 😉 I love stories about great friends.

    Stacy Alexander responds: You are god’s way of apologizing for whores, you ugly turd, Hope. The rest of the world holds you up as an example of bad behavior at its worse. You are exactly what most people do not want to be….and what’s with this fake “Jessica Kanina” ID? Everyone knows this is you, Hope.

  3. Stacy! Did you change your email? I can’t contact you with your old address anymore!! Write to me and let me know. Anyway, I have to tell you your Valentine’s Day mosaic is on it’s way to you finally. It is a surprise design but I know you have seen it. It is like the one where one person is sitting behind the other one with their arms wrapped around them. It is a very popular design – I have had 5 commissions for it just in the past year. Things are looking up! So you get one for free!! But PLEASE write and give me your new email! I hate writing in public like this.

  4. Hi Stacy! Am having a hard time getting an email to you. I think I have an old email for you because this keeps happening. Anyway, I wrote to ask if you are going to SAMA in Houston this year? If so, I will be looking for you especially at the opening reception. Can’t wait to see you and other artists there!

  5. Okay great! See you soon. I have a new piece I would like to give you to add to your “Kim Larson Collection” up there in Portland. HAHAHAHAHA!

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