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Join the fun! Post your Photo a Day for September on your own blog!



This month, I will be out of the country a lot and will not be posting as regularly as I normally do.  I would like to invite everyone who reads this to participate in this photo a day challenge for September.  It is a small something to do that entails being artful each day….and the world can use all the art it can get, right?  So please jump in and play.  I will be posting some….off and on….throughout the month, but will miss many of these days.

Besos, amigos!



Day # 31 – HIDDEN



Photo a Day – AUGUST

Day # 31 – HIDDEN

©Stacy Alexander – 2012

(This is a photo of my father-in-law’s hidden diary from when he was a prisoner of war being held in a concentration camp during WWII.)