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Sunday Parkways…..More Coolness that is Portland



I am writing this post for my son, because he is a bike enthusiast.  As I participated in this event, I thought of him and missed him, and wished that he were riding alongside me.

Young and old alike gathered in my gorgeous neighborhood today, and I was out there with them on my own bike for a couple of hours.  I thought to myself, “Self….You can do your work much better if you clear your head with a good bike ride.”  Myself was right!   I love to ride my bike in Portland.   We have more bike commuters here than in any other city in the United States, so it is a bike friendly environment.

Each 3rd Sunday for four months, our neighborhood and the extended area, blocks off the streets for an event called, “Portland Sunday Parkways.”  


This is an event sponsored by Kieser-Permanente  that promotes healthy active living through a series of free events opening Portland’s largest public space – its streets – to walk, bike, roll, and discover active transportation while fostering civic pride, stimulating economic development.


The event  represents the community, business, and government investments in Portland’s vitality, livability, and diversity….and this city is definitely that.  It is vital, beautifully livable and diverse.  (and yes, I am well aware that these pictures only show white people in them….sigh….the city really IS diverse.)


Some of the bikes had speakers hooked up to them, so the hood was alive with mellow music, too.

Ah, so nice to be a part of all this!


So, it was an afternoon of good, clean fun.  I was by myself, but surrounded by happy people, and met some very nice folks to chat with along the way.  There will be one more of these events this year.  I hope to see you there!

Portland, I love you, darlin’!  xoxoxo

Hugz and kisses,


Do you want to know a secret?


Well…tough. I’m not talkin’! 😉

Ah, the age of innocence. This song reminds me of the summer nights of my youth, dancing with my Paul McCartney look-alike boyfriend, D. He used to sing this in my ear while we danced. WE had a secret…or so we thought. I really don’t know why I wanted to keep our relationship secret. I mean, it’s not like everyone didn’t know about us, at some level. We just didn’t admit it to anyone. We wanted what we had to stay special.

He was a great guy then…and he’s a great guy now.  We have been close friends for decades.  I even introduced him to his current wife! They make a great couple and are very happy together…and that makes ME happy.

Although he ended up being a successful, highly respected attorney (and no, that isn’t necessarily an oxymoron) 😉  , he was a bit of a bad boy at the time…and I was definitely a good girl.  Still am, really. I think we liked the intrigue of our clandestine encounters, secretly meeting, stealing moments when we could… and talking on the phone right under people’s noses. It gave us a little thrill, and was a nice diversion from our real lives. He was a rebel. I was a hard working school girl who  felt I would would practically fall apart if I didn’t make an A on every single assignment.   I gave him stability.  He gave me cheap thrills.

We were polar opposites…but you know what they say about opposite attractions…..

The Beatles represented all the major phases of my life….Paul McCartney (who I cannot STAND now….although I respect his songwriting ability, and still think he was pretty cute in his youth…) was truly the symbol of turning from little girl to teenager. Then, in my early adulthood, it was George Harrison and his spiritual journey and exploration. Then, and probably the most intense of all, my all-time favorite, Lennon, with his political views and his determination that all people be treated equally. Got to see him play in NYC, and was thrilled to tears. Finally….when I got really busy with life and kids and decided to take myself a lot less seriously, it was Ringo….just sort of pleasant and easy-going. I saw him just a few weeks ago, btw. Never a huge fan of his, but was, sort of, and I truly do respect his drumming. My old friend, Barbra grew up with Ringo’s wife and remained friends through the years. She had some fun pictures of those two, and got together with them occasionally. It used to be fun to hear her stories about them.

Feeling sort of nostalgic tonight, I suppose….

Enough of this mushy stuff.  Having friends over for a big taco dinner tonight, and I’d better get crackin’…. Off I go! 😉

Day # 25 – FRESH


Ok…the blog says it’s the 26th…but it’s still the 25th where I am.


Photo a Day – AUGUST

Day # 25 – FRESH

©Stacy Alexander – 2012


My apologies to those of you who “liked” this photo before and to the nice folks who left comments.  I had to delete the previous photo and upload it, so I lost your comments.  Sorry.