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  1. At times…more than others. The city is irrelevant. The artist rocks!

    When I worked in the entertainment industry, I did a lot of work in Austin. Used to go to SXSW every year….enjoy 6th Street…My good friend, Arther Brown (of the Crazy World of Arther Brown) lived there, and I would stay with his family. (My son ended up living in their house for a number of years.) One of the groups I managed played there frequently, but they were not the typical Tejas-Austin genre. They were closer to punk rock than anything else. They had a good following among the college kids there who weren’t from Texas, but the locals went more for that typical Austin blues kind of stuff, which is its own sound that never changes. The guy I worked with for so long was from there, and he has become a quite successful musician. I have observed, though, that while the world grows and changes and expands into more interesting genres, that Texas sound stays the same. When I lived there and was in the business, going to gig after gig every night, I eventually grew sort of tired of it. However, at the end of the day, I will always have a soft spot in my heart for it, since I lay claim to being a Texan,and for me, it’s like home….. but at times, I just want to say, “EVOLVE!!” Know what I mean? I think John Mayer gives a fresh, clean approach to that sound. I dig him!