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Day # 23 – PAIR



Photo a Day – AUGUST

Day # 23 – PAIR

©Stacy Alexander

This is a picture of us at our wedding recommitment ceremony at a San Francisco art gallery.  A friend from Oakland,  Darwin, officiated.  Our ceremony has Buddhist elements, but did not focus on any one religion (Buddhism is not a religion.  It is a set of rules for living, many of which are also included in Christianity.)   I wore the antique, white kimono, shown below.

It is in  cold storage right now, but the plan is to put a rod through the top of it and hang in on the wall of our bedroom .  I dried my bouquet of Equadorian roses and they are hanging there now.  Still almost as pretty today as they were back then….only dry.

My husband  wrote our beautiful ceremony!  Our  Seattle friend, Sheryl, who flew down for the occasion,  gave readings.

For entertainment, a Brazilian dancer did two modern dances.  We had a jazz singer, a jazz guitarist and a jazz didgeriedoo player! It was a lovely and unique array of entertainment and fun.

After the ceremony, we took everyone out ….the entire congregation….to Millennium  ( http://www.millenniumrestaurant.com/) for dinner and champagne.  It was truly fabulous!  After that, everyone went over to our little hotel suite on Alameda for cake and coffee….and more champagne.  Beautiful memories!