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30 Challenges for 30 Days | High Existence


I am really into the whole concept of 30-day challenges.  I have done nutritional challenges, art challenges, photography challenges, exercise challenges, writing challenges….and feel that each has changed my life in a good way.  Each has been beneficial. Each has taught me valuable lessons, and each has been more pleasant than not.

I can say, with confidence, that I am a better person for having chosen to engage in these challenges.  30 days is a manageable amount of time.  It makes accomplishing these things easy, and this specific amount of time is a good goal to set, because one tends not to get too discouraged.

So I urge you, my readers, to challenge yourselves over the next 30 days.  Do something…do anything…for the next 30 days, and find out how it affects YOUR life!

Here is another blogger’s take on the whole 30-day challenge thing.  Be sure to watch the TED video !

30 Challenges for 30 Days | High Existence.

Besos!    ~Stacy

Day # 15 – READY!!!!


Photo a Day – AUGUST

Day # 15 – READY!

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I am sooooo happy!  After waiting months and months for a problem with my passport to be straightened out, the newly-revised and corrected one FINALLY arrived today!  Yippeeeeee!   Already making plans to go out of the country!  Feeling very happy right now!

P.S.  Tip for travelers….NEVER…but NEVER lose your passport!  It is hell to get a new one!