Daily Archives: August 13, 2012

Pets… (This is for my daughter in Dallas and my son in Houston)


I have had occasion to think of Texas a lot of late, as many loved ones live there, and it was my home for almost two decades. We lived in Houston, in a beautiful house on Hawthorne Street and had a number of pets during that time.  This video was taken right after we moved in, so the floors were a mess and we hadn’t done any landscaping yet or anything.    Still, it was a gorgeous house.

Taddy, our Yorkie, came into our lives just before our golden lab, Stella, died of old age. Then, we bought Dashiel, the shar pei and finally, Boofus. Dashiel (or Dashy, as we called him) had a fatal kidney disease and only lived two years. We also had a big black cat named, Horacio. Horacio adopted all of our puppies and cared for them like little kittens….only Horacio was a male cat. Very bizarre, indeed, but I loved it that they all got on so well.

This video was taken at our Hawthorne house when Dashiel was a puppy. He was so unusual looking that when I had him in the front yard once, a woman stopped to ask me what kind of animal he was. She had thought he was a monkey! 🙂  I honestly viewed him as his own special work of art.

I want to add that the soundtrack on this video is not the one that I put on it. This was uploaded in the days when YouTube was young and you could use any music you wanted. Times changed, and so did the whole copyright issue thing….so YouTube replaced what I had on there with other  music.  Oh, well….

Ok….so sit back and enjoy this pet-friendly adventure with my babies in my old Texas hacienda. xoxo