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Tea for Two…..



Our neighborhood in the Clinton/Division area of Portland, is constantly changing with more accessible pleasures being added all the time.  One we discovered today was a small tea house within walking distance of our condo.  There are a number of them around town, and one in Bend, Oregon.  The shop is  known as , Townshends Tea…..and is utterly charming!

The Townshends Tea in our hood is a simple, cozy tea room,…very hip and cool, with good art, a youthful clientele and a cozy atmosphere.   I dig the comfy, all-pervading  midcentury modern touches,  mingled with ultra-contemporary-amidst-bauhaus-industrial findings. (whoa!  That was a mouthful!)   I liked the vibe.

The tea was also incredible, and the service exceptional.


The tea at Townshend Tea is divided into two primary categories.  Pleasure and apothecary.

If one desires a tall, cool glass of tea as refreshment or would like to hunker down with a fragrant, steaming cup, then the pleasure teas are the way to go.  They have a wide variety of options under their basic types of tea for pleasure.  For example, one can opt for a Single Estate Ceylon in the black tea subcategory,  smoked or unsmoked Lapsang Souchong….or go with a flavored black tea, such as Mango Mist or Mt. Hood Vanilla.  Yummy!

They have four different varieties of white tea and five kinds of Yerba Måte (including peppermint, which I really love!)…and a nice selection of Rooibos…6, to be exact, including Citrus Green and Cinnamon Spice.  The herbal infusions are quite special as well.    Under this classification, they have Orange Zephyr, for those who enjoy a spicier blend (ginger, licorice root, hibiscus, rosehips, orange and tangerine) or ….if a warm, sweet sensation is the preference… Kir Royale (also the name of my favorite alcoholic beverage) which, in this case, is an infusion of berries and fruits, set apart by the remarkable, tangy flavor or black currant.  There was a Papaya and Pineapple infusion and an Apple Spice, among others.  Very good!

If one would prefer to order from the Apothecary List, for medicinal purposes, there are also many great selections for whatever ails.  Under the Trouble Shooter category, they offer teas for sore throats and sinus infections, tummy troubles and relief from cramps, among others.  There are tea tonics for moods such as happiness, or a clear mind, or stress.  They offer body tonics  for detoxification or metabolism balance, and finally, a line of notable medicinal plants within the main tea list such as Lapacho, Kava Root, Chamomile or teas with guarana nut or chrysanthemum blossoms or lavender.

I had some of the fresh Kombucha that they had on tap, a choice that was infused with dark berries. It was strong, tart and had a nice beer-like kick.  We split a “hippy cookie” ….a giant seed and nut encrusted raw cookie held together with raw honey, and John had a hot variety of oolong….because he just likes the word , “oolong.”

All in all, we had a delightful, brief visit, sitting atop a bright orange sofa close to one another, chatting away…until I realized I needed to get back to work, so we ended our bright interlude, held hands and walked home…happy as clams.

We’ll be baaaaaaaack!