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Day # 5 – LOGO



Day #5 – LOGO

Photo a Day – AUGUST

Stacy Alexander – 2012


As I write this, I can hear the Pacific crashing on the rocks below, on this cool, breezy August morning. I’ve been contemplating tossing a log into the fireplace and lighting it…but we only have one, so I will save it until tonight.   It appears we left Portland in the nick of time yesterday, as my daughter, Sarah-Lynda, reported that temperatures rose throughout the day, to peak at 103 degrees!  I wish she had come with us.

John just went to the little country store down the road to get a few supplies….coffee, being the primary one.  I can smell it brewing, an aroma, when mingled with the crisp, salty sea air, smells like nirvana.  I brought all kinds of fresh organic fruits and veggies, freshly made pasta, sweets, wine…because we are celebrating his birthday.  Last night was a romantic evening, and tonight will be as well.

That’s the way it rolls around here.