It’s late and I just got in.  I  ended up leaving a day earlier than originally planned.  My travel companion was a little dismayed by this fact, but I’d had enough, really.   Then, the flight was particularly bumpy, and I didn’t like that, so tonight, I am weary…and parched …rather than the previously anticipated relaxed and refreshed…but I do have a smile on my face.  I have strange aches and pains…but travel does that, I suppose.  Oddly, my  jaw is sore and  tired, even though I hardly said a word the whole time I was gone.   Go figure.  Must have slept the wrong way or something.

I am going to fix myself a glass of lemon water and hit the sack.

I had planned to stay until tomorrow (no wait…It’s already tomorrow…) but when I thought about it,  I longed for my own bed and for the familiarity of my own routine.  Set in my ways, I am.   Spending an extended period of time in that kind of posh opulence, even when with someone I love,  is simply not me…..and I put emphasis on the words, “that kind of” posh opulence, because trust me.  I have nothing against posh opulence.  Again…it’s just that suburban brand of “niceness” that I find so boring.   “Beige land”   ick. I guess I had expected something different.

Show me that kind of excess and I start thinking of the starving children in Africa and how I could be better spending my time over there.  That’s just how I roll.

Don’t mean to complain .   I did see a lot of beauty while I was away….an overwhelming amount….both with the eye and with the mind.  I came to many realizations about life and matters of the heart.

In other news,  just moments ago,  I learned of the death of someone who meant a lot to me when I was a child.  Denise, Deb, Beaux and René, if you are reading this, I love you guys.  Lois was always so kind, so witty and smart.  I will never forget her, nor the good times we all spent together.   Sending light and love  your way.

That’s all she wrote….