Day # 11 – Kitchen

Photo a Day – Kitchen

I have three adult children, Stacy,Jr, Myles and Sarah.  When I think back to their childhoods, I usually recall times we spent together cooking and/or eating together.  I taught Stacy and Myles how to bake bread when Myles was 4 and Jr. was 6.   I babysat their friend, Julie Clarke, who also joined in the fun.   The kitchen was the hub of our family, and we would eat meals together in the evenings .   What they put into their bodies was always more important to me than it was to them.  Slow food was the focus back then, and I firmly believed in it.  I still do…but I practice it less, as I have been swept up by life and work and am trying to put less emphasis on food.

These days, 2.5 yr. old Ingrid will come to visit and we will cook for her, but it is usually something fast and easy…but still only organic.   Times have changed, and life is a lot faster than it used to be.  Here, she is thrilled over her alphabet potatoes (that spell her name), her veggie chicken and peas….(but not so much the cooked carrots)….and organic strawberries blended with almond milk.  (She loved that!)    After she finished this meal, John set up three chairs around the ottoman in the living room and we all put on hats and had a tea party.  Each of us had a fresh lemon shortbread cookie for dessert and herbal raspberry tea.    Ingles would stick out her pinky finger on her left hand and drink her tea with her right hand and speak in her fake British accent.

Very cute.

Very family.

Lots of love.