Stir Fry for the Hubster

Reboot Your Life

I am on a juice fast at the moment.  It is a spiritual practice and is also something that makes me feel really good physically.  This is not some fad diet.  It is a sensible, healthful diet that takes planning and dedication….and a whole lot of money to buy the organic fruits and vegetables that go into it.  My daughter, Stacy, Jr. turned me on to the “Reboot Your Life” program.  John and I did it together awhile back, for 15 days.  It made us both feel so good that we decided to try it again.  You can click the link above if you are interested in reading more about it.

My husband is also doing it just as I am, only in the evenings, I fix  a meal for him.    I make the juice, which consists of organic fruits and veggies only.  And the meals I cook are also nothing but organic fruits and veggies.  A little olive oil and salt is ok.

Here is how I cooked tonight’s stirfry:

1.  Begin with 1/2 yellow bell pepper and a nice shallot.  Cook for a few minutes in a little olive oil.


2.  Add a nice garnet yam, chopped into chunks.


3.  Add some broccoli florets and cook for about 3 minutes.


4.  Add some shitaki mushrooms, whole.


6.  Add as much chopped kale as you’d like.  Cover and steam for a few minutes until the kale begins to wilt.  You want to leave the broccoli crisp, so only steam about 2-3 minutes.


7.  Give everything one gentle stir.  Next, it’s time for the secret ingredient!


8.  Add the freshest, sweetest organic pineapple you can find.   Cut into large chunks and put on top of the stir fry.  Then cover, cook for 1 minute and, without removing the lid, turn off head and allow all ingredients to steam for awhile.   As the pineapple steams, its juice seeps down and covers the other vegetables, imparting them with a rich, full flavor.


FINALLY!  Toss on a little smoked sea salt and serve!


Absolutely delicious, very low cal and good for you!


Please tell me what you think! Go on! Leave a comment! It's ok! :-)

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